Mercedes-Benz Museum 스투트가르트에 갈때 들려보세요~
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벤츠 뮤지움 스투트가르트의 명소입니다.

The lord of the keys.
Every visitor to the Mercedes-Benz Museum will discover the diversity of the exhibition and the architecture from a very individual perspective. But which focal points of the museum and which of the stories they tell will become the focal point of that personal perception? Today, we will provide some insight from: Benedikt Weiler, curator of the Mercedes-Benz Museum since 2012.

“As curator, I know the Mercedes-Benz Museum and its exhibits from all angles. Of course, there are keys to the vehicles exhibited, but they are in a box in our office. It’s like a museum in miniature, through the ages. The largest key is the one for the mobile post office installed in bus O 10000 from the ‘Gallery of Carriers’ in Collection 2. It’s probably three times as long as a modern ignition key. Motorcar fans would obviously love to sit in one of our dream cars, but, unfortunately, that’s not possible.”